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I can do it too. You're known for being a very lively performer. Which band or artist most inspires you in their live shows? I love Jonathan Richman — I love a lot of his music and the thing I really like about him is his attitude. Do you prefer writing or performing? I like them both. Do you have a plan for your third album? I usually do it all in a clump, fairly quickly. Do you have a dream project or collaboration?

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Dazed media sites. Check out our products! Fast and Free shipping, there is no extra charge to ship in the US! The early Krautrock influences are there, but so are the poppier melodies that were a big part of their later sound. Finally reissued on this beautifully put together set, it's great to hear just how timeless their music still is.

Perfect timing for the reunion shows later this year too! These Stereolab reissues have been a long time coming. Tim has been promising them for years and they do not disappoint. Housed in beautiful artwork with a poster on the highest quality of wax, these are an absolute dream for Stereolab fans.

Transient Random Noise is the exact moment Stereolab turned into one of the finest groups that has ever been.

This reissue makes this album sound better than ever. Art Brut - Wham! Let's Rock Out! It's been a long time since Art Brut released an album. Seven years to be exact.

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There's a chance you've forgotten just how much fun this ridiculously brilliant band are. The humour, self deprecation and excellent playing from the band makes it so good to have them back. Billie Eilish has quickly become one of the biggest stars around.

  • Speaking with CBC Radio, DeMarco talked about how Haruomi Hosono influenced his own music.?
  • Mac DeMarco jokes that he’s “just been trying to rip off” this Japanese musician in new interview?
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After building up an increasingly large fan-base on line over the last couple of years, she delivers her first album which more than justifies the hype. Her breathy vocals, unique subject matters and quirky production choices make this one of the year's most fresh and thrilling debuts. At just 17 years old, it's exciting to think of where she could possibly go next as an artist after such an impressive start to her career. The most well known and best album by The Posies is yet another one of those great albums that has been hard to find on vinyl for a number of years.

The mix of indie rock and power pop just never goes out of style. This is one of those reissues where the artwork and sound of the vinyl does justice to the music itself. Antena - Camino Del Sol.

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Antena's only release in their original incarnation is the definition of a cult album. These five tracks are so perfectly formed with their gentle mix of synth-pop and bossanova that makes a brief but addictive listen. You can hear their influence on The High Llamas and the mighty Stereolab. Reissued as the original track-listing by Numero Group, this is one of the year's best reissues so far.

A beautiful light soul album that despite its retro leanings, still manages to sound remarkably refresh. And what a voice too.

Mac DeMarco covers Haruomi Hosono for new Light In The Attic 7″ release

So rich and soothing making American Love Call the perfect summer soundtrack. The Mothers Of Invention's classic is one of those albums that is meant for vinyl. Reissued for its 40th anniversary this Mono mix makes it sound better than ever. One of the best Zappa related albums and one that's worthy of a place in any collection.

Mac Demarco - 2 (Full Album) *HD 1080p*

Whilst there is no disputing what a fantastic collection of music that is, their second full length album could well be considered their masterpiece. This is a very high quality and essential reissue of an album that desperately needed to be back out on wax.

Mac Demarco Art Print

Must listen tracks -- Broke, Alleged and Squares. Julia Holter - Aviary Colored Vinyl. Julia Holter just keeps getting better and better. She started strongly with 's Tragedy and seems to be effortlessly becoming more daring and exciting as an artist each time she releases something. After the brilliant, Have You In My Wilderness, it was surprising to see that not only did she up the quality she also made it a double! A beautiful and haunting record from one of the best artists of the decade. Grimes - Art Angels.

After her breakthrough album, Visions it was hard to predict what kind of album Grimes would return with.

Mac DeMarco covers Haruomi Hosono for new Light In The Attic 7″ release

Turns out she isn't an artist that believes in repeating herself. There are still electronic elements to Art Angels, but there's also a technicolor punk side to this record. She's a hard one to categorize and that is a part of what makes her such a thrilling and unique artist. It's an album that deserved every single accolade it received in the end of year lists. Brian Eno - Ambient 4: On Land.

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Every time a Brian Eno album gets reissued on vinyl, the world seems to make just a little bit more sense. To think how hard it was to find anything of his for so many years, it's such a relief to see them back in print. These ambient albums in particular need to be on some good sounding wax and these latest reissues have been done to a really high standard.